custom bookbinding and unique papers


I offer unique handmade books, each created with high quality materials and attention to the intended purpose and/or recipient.

Ideal for

  • Journals
  • Sketchbooks
  • Wedding guest books
  • Family keepsakes
  • and a myriad of other uses

 Also, bring me your damaged, favorite books for repair.

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In the news...

Once again I am later than I wanted to be with a newsletter...  Here I am including a love letter to the John Campbell Folk School, some fun pictures of dos-a-dos bindings - both intended for a Valentine's Day audience! - as well as the usual what's up...  In the interest of getting this out, I will send it and create a new one soon to tell you of new activities...

I know that I have shared with you all the fact that one of my absolute favorite places on earth is the John Campbell Folk School.  It was there I took my very first bookbinding class and there I will spend 7 weeks in 2019 with a

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