Who wants a hand-crafted book anyway?


Who writes anymore?  Don’t we simply type brief messages into Facebook or Twitter, send IMs or emails, and text on the phone?  Who reads an actual book?  We have e-readers and i-Pads; we have devices for listening to podcasts and audio-books while we are driving or running or knitting.  Why hold a book when you can get 2 or 3 things accomplished simultaneously?… Read the rest

Introducing Anne and this newsletter

anne sewing sm

anne sewing smI started blogging almost two years ago when I knew that I had received a Fulbright Fellowship to go to Romania to teach for a year (see http://ayearinromania.blogspot.com).  I enjoyed keeping the blog and using it to share my impressions of the culture and my activities while there.  That blog came to a screeching halt in May 2013 when I got so very busy trying my best to fit in EVERYTHING before my daughter and I left Romania.

My … Read the rest