Welcome to those folks who have signed on and are new to this newsletter! And thank you most sincerely to those folks who are regular readers. I value your interest in my activities.

This month I am talking about the now accomplished move into my new studio space; recent and forthcoming workshops; two stories of connection with fellow creatives; and an ode to spring.

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In January I moved my studio into space above my shop on Trade St in downtown Winston-Salem. Above you can see one corner of the space – the peg board is now covered with tools and the flat file has paper on top as well as in the drawers. I am proud of the hanging tubes that store rolls of paper and leather, keeping them neat while easy to access. The space also includes large table space with excellent lighting for holding classes.

Below on the right is one shot of the newly reorganized ArtConnections shop. My partners and I consign with up to 10 local artists to bring a wide variety of media and styles to the Downtown Arts District. I hope you will come visit when you are in Winston-Salem.

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It is clear to me that marbling brings smiles!  Both of the women above had fun while creating lovely pieces and neither had marbled previously!

Below you will see some of the books created by students in classes I have had in the past couple of months.  I love teaching because my students always add their own brand of creativity to whatever I am offering as the foundation.

So look at the calendar of events at the end of this newsletter and find a marbling or bookbinding class that is right for you!

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 dennis at campbell          beth lotus book

dog dreams by Savanna   longstitch bindings

And here are my two short stories about creative people…

I met Jack a month or so ago.  Jack and I share a love of creating “the whole from scratch”.  I have shared with many of my followers that once I became excited about bookbinding, I then learned to make paper, marble paper, work with leather and wood, etc. – all so I could make an entire book from its raw materials. Jack shares that desire with music.  He made his guitar, shaping it to fit the contours of his body, not expecting that he would so love its sound!  To celebrate, he wrote songs specifically for this guitar and recorded an album!  Now that’s making music “from scratch”!

Another tidbit I want to share comes from a book called “An Essay on Typography” by Eric Gill, first published in 1936.  Gill is creator of several common typefaces still in use today. I found his essay delightful and very much appreciated his endeavors to find high artistic ground.  Herewith a short sample:

“…the responsible artist, the printer who elects to stand outside industrialism, who regards the job of printing as a sculptor regards the job of stone-carving, or a village blacksmith the job of working iron, regards himself and his customer as sharing a joint enterprise, namely, the production of good books; and the terms good, lovely, pleasant, beautiful, mean for them not merely what will sell, or what can, by cunning advertisement, be made to sell, but what the widest culture& strictest discipline can make them mean.  The discovery, then, of what is meant by ‘pleasantly readable’ involves more than questions of eyestrain… it involves first and last a consideration of what is holy.”

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I love spring!  I love the fact that flowers are in bloom, trees are greening, the temperature is (slowly!) warming, and the light is increasing.  I am looking forward to making paper with my friend, Betty Kjelson, now that we have warmer days coming.  I have a number of 1-day and evening workshops scheduled for this spring.  Please take a look and let me know what interests you.

Anne Murray

Bookbinder and Papermaker 


March Greetings