Summer Greetings!

I am celebrating summer and preparing for the fall – a busy time in the craft world.  I want to take time today share pictures of some recent and upcoming activities with you.  Perhaps a few of you will be moved to respond…   


betty portrait

I am delighted to introduce my friend, Betty Kjelson.  Betty is 90 and still actively creating art.  She is a papermaker (which is how I met her), printmaker, and watercolor artist among other talents.  Above she is standing in front of some of her own pulp paintings.  I am pleased to announce that ArtConnections, the shop I am associated with, will be staging a 50+ year retrospective of Betty’s work in August.  The opening reception will be Friday evening, August 3, 7-10 pm, at ArtConnections, 629 N. Trade St. in Winston-Salem.  I do hope those of you in the area will make a point of coming to see representative works from this amazing artist.

                                 betty aunt agatha                    marbling demo 7.18 c

The image on the left above is another of Betty Kjelson’s works – a paper sculpture of “Aunt Agatha”.  Betty made the paper, created a wire armature, and then sculpted the likeness.

On the right above, I am demonstrating acrylic marbling to Dr. Rene Tegeler.  Rene is both an artist and a physician.  She brings a passion for color and the vibrant ability of art to heal.  Please see her work at  I did a marbling demonstration at her shop this past weekend and will be back in September to demonstrate bookbinding.

                              marbling demo 7.18 d         marbling demo 7.18 f

I offer various marbling classes throughout the year. Don’t you want to try your hand at this art that is part science, part magic?

                            Anne most creative 2     IMG 3206

With August begins the Fall exhibit season!  I hope you enjoy visiting these events and seeing what’s new.  I have these events coming up:

  • Burnsville, NC at the Mt Mitchell Craft Fair Aug 3-4.  Last year my booth was voted “most creative”- I am wondering if I can manage “best in show” this year…
  • NC Folk Fest in Greensboro, Sept 7-9 – Last year it was the National Folk Festival.  While the “national” part has moved on to another part of the country, the organizers are promising a strong look at the many performing and visual arts that NC has to offer.
  • Day in the Park sponsored by the High Point Arts Council at City Lake Park, Saturday, Sept 15.

                            coptic wood spiral 12.14.03                       16016b 600 x 400 

Anne Murray
Bookbinder and Papermaker



July 2018