The fall festival season has begun and I have several exciting classes coming up!  I had a great – albeit wet! – experience at the Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair the first weekend of August.  I have been using time since then to work on repairs and commissions that have come in since.  I am very grateful that I have opportunity to work on beloved books for people who still appreciate them.

Mt Mitchell Craft Fair 2018

Once the sun came out on Saturday, I was able to put out most of my wares at the Mt Mitchell Craft Festival.  (I had to leave most of the paper and marbled items in my hotel room on Friday because of the rain.)  The Festival is a good one for me – not only did I sell books and papers, but I also received some commissions and 2 books for repair.

Please come see me in September at the NC Folk Festival in Greensboro and Day in the the Park in High Point (see details in the calendar below).  I have new inventory and while I cannot guarantee sunshine, I can promise a rollicking good time!


                    bible before a 08.18     bible before b 08.18

 Sometimes books come to me in very sad condition, like the well-loved bible above.  I am delighted to say that I can take those parts and reconstitute them into a beautiful and functional item.  While I am not good at remembering to take the “after” pictures, I did receive this heart-warming testimonial last week:

We received the cookbook you repaired for us yesterday.  I cannot find the words to say how delighted we are to have it back – and thanks to you, in useable fashion!  This particular cookbook was the “go to” recipe source for Jon’s dad.  The family shared many meals born from the pages.  It is from all that use that the book’s binding was broken and pages loose, at risk of being lost.  While I know the repairs cost more than the book did originally, the real value is in having the memories and the legacy live on.  We say, well worth it!  Thank you so very much for helping us preserve this bit of family history.  

Martha and Jon Kesler
Clancy, MT

     studio commissions

The above picture may have you wondering…  It’s simply a shelf with assorted stuff, right?  Actually it demonstrates the collecting steps when I take on a commission.  On top of the shelves I have the materials selected for two different commissions – one that will use the yellow and black paper; one that will use blue handmade paper and also dark blue goatskin leather – and in the middle one book to be repaired.  Down front are the materials for yet a third commission – brown flax handmade paper and brown cow leather.  I will include finished pictures next month.


     Barbs desktop           marbled fish

I continue to do and teach marbling…  I was very pleased when one of my sisters shared that she had uploaded a picture of my marbling to use as her desktop background – a lovely diversion from the paperwork!  One of my students created the fish at the end of her first day of learning marbling.  Impressive, isn’t it?

I have two class opportunities coming up soon: one day of marbling at Randolph Arts Guild in Asheboro on Sept 1 and a 2-day workshop of marbling and bookbinding in Southport, NC.  The latter workshop, Oct 13-14, is being hosted by Carolina Lettering Arts Society (CLAS).  What could be more fun than marbling, bookbinding, and spending a weekend with some wonderful people?!? This class is limited to 12 folks, so do get your registrations in!


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Anne Murray
Bookbinder and Papermaker



August 2018