Happy New Year Greetings!
I was able to deliver all the repairs and new books I had promised by Christmas (albeit at 10am on Dec. 24 for the last one) – and was glad to give myself a bit of a holiday break.  I hope you celebrated with the people important to you and allowed yourself reflection time amidst festivities.

This month I want to let you know that I am participating in a wonderful artist fundraiser, that I

continue to repair lots of books, and that I am doing some fun projects as well.  Please join me…


IMG 0493



I am pleased to be joining quite a number of excellent Winston-Salem artists in a fundraiser for the Gateway Nature Preserve.  Especially at a time when our social and political world is in turmoil, we need the calming influence of the natural world.  The Gateway Nature Preserve has as its mission to develop a vibrant urban environmental education center along Salem Creek, near downtown Winston-Salem. The plan is to preserve and nurture wildlife habitat; remediate site degradation from past industrial uses; and develop trails, natural playscapes, and educational programs that connect people with nature.  What a great plan and one that connects with me and my work.
If you are in the Winston-Salem area, please come to the opening reception on Friday, or to see the exhibit of works on Saturday or Sunday (and meet the artists!).  I guarantee you will see something that inspires and has you feeling better than before encountering it.  Do check out this ‘who’s who’ of exhibitors.

What: Art Fundraiser for Gateway Nature Preserve
Where: Artworks Gallery, 564 N. Trade St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101
When: Friday, Jan. 18, 5-8 pm
           Saturday, Jan. 19, 11am – 4pm
           Sunday, Jan. 20, 1 – 5pm

             current repair work 1                       IMG 0938


                IMG 0937                    IMG 0939


Lots of repair work going on in my studio these days! The bottom two pictures are before and after shots of the inside spine of a large family bible from the mid 1800s.  After cleaning the spine, I lined it with a very good quality handmade paper to support the still good, but fragile original leather.  In the upper left, I had to treat several books with a product designed to combat dry rot in that leather.

If you have leather-bound books, remember that leather needs periodic cleaning and nourishing to remain supple and strong.  Contact me – or any number of other sources – for recommendations on products to use with your leather books. Don’t let them get into this state, but if they do – I’m here to help. 

            artomat boxes                 artomat 2

I haven’t shared my Art-O-Mat adventures recently…  If you are unfamiliar with these art vending machines, definitely click here for a map of locations.  There are machines all over the United States and in Canada. You need to treat yourself once in a while to $5 art! 
I recently received the following in an email:

“A friend gave me one of your treasures recently.  She got it from an Art-o-Mat machine in Lake Charles, LA.   I had never heard of the vending machines and think they are genius.  My plans are to write some of my favorite quotes in the mini book.   I love it!  Just wanted to let you know that one of your little creations ended up in Lake Charles in the hands of a book lover.”

And now I have 30 more little books ready to find their way out into the world…


          IMG 0999 


2lb Hollander 800x450         CONNEXXPOwordcloud

What could those pictures above POSSIBLY have in common with each other, much less, with “books and papers”.  Well, let me tell you…

The picture at the top is of an antique rag cutter borrowed from my friend and fellow papermaker, Betty Kjelson.  It allows me to turn – much more quickly than I could with a pair of scissors – the old cotton & linen clothes, tablecloths, curtains, etc. that I have been collecting into small pieces ready for a beater so that rag may be transformed into paper pulp.

My new Critter beater (a version of which is shown above) is currently being made by Mark Lander in New Zealand!  Check out his website and the video I have posted below.
I am working with Alan Shelton at the Mixxer makerspace to create a paper mill here in Winston-Salem.  I will offer workshops so that people know what they can do with the equipment and then members of the makerspace can use the equipment to create their own projects.  In the not-too-distant future, the Mixxer wordcloud just might include “papermaking”.


 Mark Lander Papermaking


Enjoy this 5+ minute video showing Mark Lander – who is busily creating a beater just for me! (and all the folks with whom I’m going to share it) – building a really big beater.  It’s also fun just to listen to his New Zealand accent.

Anne Murray
Bookbinder and Papermaker




January 2019