May Greetings!

I received my new beater from New Zealand back in January and now have it up and going!  I am celebrating by offering a papermaking class at the end of June. There is also the offer of a small prize to those who read the newsletter carefully!

I am pleased to announce that 3 of my books

will be on display this summer in a collection of artist books created by North Carolina book artists.


Beater 1


A hollander beater is a machine that transforms raw material – in the form of rags or plants – into pulp that can then be turned into paper.  My “Little Critter” was handmade especially for me by Mark Lander in New Zealand and arrived in a large box, complete with a letter from Mark on paper he had made himself.


Beater 2             IMG 1038

It took a little doing – the Critter was not as ‘plug and play’ as I had hoped – but I now have it set up and ready to run.  I had to acquire & attach a motor – thanks to good friends, Mike & TJ Kennedy! – and install the drain in the flexible vinyl raceway.  I have decided to set up my paper mill at the Mixxer maker space.  There I have more room for all the components: beater, vat, press, etc. and there is easy access to outdoor space.  Making paper is water intensive and not a good mix within my binding studio.


Mark Lander, Papermaker


Video caption:  Here is Mark showing off several of his creations and how they work.  

As I write this newsletter I am ready to go back to the Campbell Folk School for two full weeks of marbling with my master teachers, Regina and Dan St. John of Chena River Marblers.  But as soon as I return I will be spending a few days over at the Mixxer making paper.

I am offering an Introduction to Papermaking on Jun 21 – 22  at MIXXER in Winston-Salem, NC.  Four participants will learn to make paper from cotton and linen rags, how to use a Hollander beater, and pull uniform sheets of paper.  Imagine – you can transform a well-loved pair of jeans or shirt/blouse into lots of paper suitable for journaling, letter-writing, bookmaking, or a variety of other artistic purposes.  Email me for more details:

fish leather artist book                                  fish leather title page


Anne Murray
Bookbinder and Papermaker


May 2019