Congratulations to 3 of my lucky – and careful – readers who earned themselves a piece of handmade paper in response to last month’s contest!  It was great fun.

This month I am keeping you up to date with papermaking, marbling, and bookbinding – as well as sharing some personally exciting news at the very end. And I also have a radio interview and a brief request for you.

Happy summer!  Please stay safe!




As I said last month, I have set up my paper mill at a nearby maker space, called Mixxer.  I had a very good time creating 104 small sheets of good quality cotton rag paper last weekend.  Next time I will work with the large mould and deckle!  Let me know if you would like to learn, observe, or otherwise be involved in the process.

My sister, Patricia, who is a calligrapher, was chief helper for the weekend of making paper.  As the picture illustrates, neither of us had difficulty writing on the new paper, but clearly burnishing it does help for some pens.  Let me know if you want some handmade paper for your own writing…

A guy walks into a bookbinder and asks her to repair a first edition of Mark Twain’s Roughing It…  Turns out he’s the host of a radio program called Poets & Writers and after some back and forth conversation – and a satisfactorily completed repair! – it turns out he’d like to interview said bookbinder.

It’s no joke — I was very pleased to be a guest on Henry McCarthy’s program on WEHC out of Emory & Henry College in southern Virginia and am including the link so that you may also listen if you wish. Click here for interview  The program is just under 30 minutes.  We talk about books, bookbinding, and a bit of my background.


A couple of months ago I wrote about the dos-a-dos binding and my plans to teach it at Campbell Folk School in the winter.  One of my readers said, “I’d like to make that style!” and contacted me for a private lesson.  With each newsletter I encourage folks to do just that: contact me to schedule what you want, when you want it.  She chose to make a 3-section book and bound it with the French linked stitch.  Mine has two sections and is bound in Coptic.  The marbled papers I used are from my recent marbling marathon with Dan & Regina St. John.

I have a favor to ask: Please review Anne’s Books and Papers on Google.  It doesn’t take much time and yet it helps get my business name out in front of folks.  If you search for “bookbinding in Winston-Salem” or something similar, you will see some information about the business.  Below the basic information about location and hours, you’ll see “Know this place? Answer quick questions” and “Write a Review”.  Please consider taking a few minutes to let other people who might be searching know how my services have helped you.  Thank you!!

And now for the big news!  I’m going to be a grandma!  After over a year of waiting, my daughter has been matched with a 4-year-old boy in Florida who needs an adoptive home.  As I write this, we are planning to go get him within the week.  I’ll share pictures in the next newsletter!  Maybe he’ll want to be a bookbinder… Regardless, he’ll have lots of love as we welcome him into the family.


Anne Murray
Bookbinder and Papermaker


June 2019