5 Typographies to succeed with your advertising posters

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Anne Murray

When we are going to design an advertising poster, we obviously want it to be attractive, capable of capturing the attention of the public, to deliver an effective message and provide us with good results. To achieve this, many aspects come into play, highlighting above all the rest the typography for posters , which will be key to achieving the expected results.

A posteradvertising is a type of printed advertising, widely used by companies to promote all kinds of events, products and services, which gives great visibility to the information that is intended to advertise. Some of its key points are its proximity to the public, its high effectiveness and the possibility of being installed in strategic locations.

The importance of typography in theadvertising posters

One of the most important points that will help us to convey the message with greater effectiveness is the typography for advertising posters, since depending on the type of event or product we want to advertise, we will have to choose between different letters for posters that will fit better or worse with our message.

Failure to choose the

typography for advertising posters . letters on posters can spoil the whole design, so it is important to select the font for posters depending on our goal. The amount of letters to choose from is huge, and to make sure you get it right with your choice, you should go for a typography for advertising that is legible, simple and can capture the attention of the audience.public.

There is a huge amount of books that talk about typography, but from Marcaprint we are going to save you from having to read them, as below we are going to give you some key tips to choose the letters for posters most suitable to design an advertising poster that is effective, has the ability to attract the attention of the public, and offers you the results.

Tips for choosing the best font for billboards, and getting it right

Deciding which typeface will best suit your billboard can be tricky, as it all depends on the style of the billboard, the size and the message you want to convey.

Ideally, you should try different billboard fonts until you find one that wins you over and isthat fits perfectly to what you are looking for, that combines with the image and the message.

Also, we recommend not to use different typographies in the same poster , otherwise it could generate confusion and end up distracting the reader.

Bear in mind that the typography has a role almost as important as the poster itself, and is that depending on the letters to make the poster , it is necessary to use different typographies in the same poster.posters you have chosen, the context of the message could vary enormously. In some way the typography sets the tone with which we address the public.

There are many things to take into account, so here are some tips for choosing the typography of your advertising poster :

  • It should be easy to read :

It is very important that youthe letters for the advertising poster you have chosen should be easy to read , as this way it will be easier to capture the attention of the public and get them to read our message.

Opt for fonts that do not generate confusion and that are clearly visible without problems. Also, the size of the letters should be in tune with the dimensions of the poster, opting for Lettering for large posters , as well as not too large letters if you don't have too much space. Otherwise it could all look too forced.

  • It shouldn't confuse the reader :

One of the main problems with advertising posters is that they can confuse the reader .

Therefore, as well as avoiding using different types of typefaces inthe same poster, we recommend not to choose different fonts that could be visually similar to each other , such as a Helvetica and an Arial.

  • It must be in tune with the message :

    The design of the chosen font must be in tune with the message you are going to convey . If for example you are going to promote a children's event, you should opt for asimple typography, in colours that children like, such as light blue, pink or yellow.

  • Highlight what is most important :

When we want to advertise something, we must find the most appropriate message and highlight what is most important.

If for example it is a poster for a music festival, use large letters to highlight the most important elements :

If it is a poster for a music festival, use large letters to highlight the most important elements :

.names of the most recognized groups , differentiating them from the rest of the elements that appear on the poster.

  • It must be adapted to the size of the poster :

When choosing the letters for an advertising poster, you must take into account the size of the poster , as the size of the typography should be in tune with the size of the poster itself, leaving sufficient space.

In addition, it is important to establish a proper reading order , and to make clear the weight that each part of the poster has when reading it, in order to guide the audience and ensure that nothing is lost.

Which are the most used typefaces for advertising posters?

Finally, to help you tochoose we are going to show you the typographies for advertising posters most used nowadays, in order to inspire you and most importantly, to get it right.

To do this, first we must differentiate between the two main categories of letters for posters : Serif and San Serif .

The typographies for posters Serif are the most used.They are used mainly in posters that have a large amount of text.

On the other hand there are the Sans Serif poster fonts , which is mainly used for the design of posters with short texts, especially for titles, subtitles, credits,etc.


First of all we would like to highlight the AvantGarde , a Sans Serif typeface. It was born in 1967, from the logo of the prestigious AvantGarde Magazine, although it was from 1977 when it started to be used. This typeface is very effective for using lettering for posters .vintage .


Avenir is a classic Sans Serif typeface, designed in 1988 by AdrianFrutiger. It is one of the most important typefaces of the 20th century.


The Frutiger typeface is named after the designer AdrianFrutiger himself, and is characterized as one of typography that can be easily read from afar .It has different variations, including Frutiger TM Black Condensed.


Garamond is one of the most influential billboard typefaces today , with many companies using this typeface for their advertising campaigns. It consists of a classical-style typeface, used to send a moreconservative and traditional .


The Futura typeface is a Sans Serif typeface, which was designed by Paul Renner in 1927. It is one of the most popular typefaces used today, considered one of the applications of the new typeface.

Inspired by the font Avenir , Futura is the typeface used by companies such as.

This is just a small sample of the thousands of types of font families that exist, we suggest some to get you started in this ocean of creativity. If you have any questions with your design do not hesitate to contact us and we can advise you before placing your order.

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