I repair books as well as create them. I can replace covers, repair torn bindings and pages, and resew damaged or worn books. I do not conserve rare books. My rate is $35 per hour, plus materials. Here are several examples of recent tasks.


Shown here is a well-loved Fanny Farmer cookbook in pieces after many years of use.

Fanny Farmer before 1

I provided the book with a brand new cover and repaired interior pages.

Fanny Farmer after 3Fanny Farmer after 2

The next book is a bible with covers of Jerusalem olive wood. It was once in pieces (the back cover completely unattached) and left my studio as a functional whole…

heizerbible03smheizerbible05sm heizerbible01sm heizerbible08sm

The effort below was brought in by a student taking a book repair workshop. She did the work under supervision of the workshop. The book had suffered significant water damage and had mildew on many pages in the back. Repair began with simply cleaning the book and disassembling it prior to repairing individual pages and providing it with a new cover.

Crooks before 1Crooks before 2 Crooks before 3Crooks during 2

Crooks during 3Crooks after 4 Crooks after 1

Here is another Bible, this one over 100 years old, belonging to the customer’s grandfather. As you see, it too, was in several pieces. I repaired the text block and provided it with a new goat skin cover (limp by design). I was able to attach the original spine title as well.

book repair 002 book repair 003 book repair 004 book repair 005

The saying is that the cobbler’s children have no shoes… It has taken me quite a while to put rebinding my mother’s cookbook, given to her in 1941 when she and my dad married, on my to-do list. But here it is, complete with handmade and hand-marbled end papers along with metal corner protectors, both to fancy it up a bit and to ensure continued functional use.

book repair 1002book repair 1001 book repair 1005 book repair 1006

book repair 006 book repair 007 book repair 009

book repair 010