custom bookbinding and unique papers


Do you have a favorite book that you love to read again and again?  Perhaps you have a tradition with certain holidays or celebrations to read a particular story?  Or perhaps you want the opportunity to share a favorite childhood story with grandchildren?  As long as the original is available copyright free, it can be uniquely published as a handbound volume.

Alternatively, perhaps you would like to build your own customized collection of poems.  I have created a 4-volume boxed set of seasonal poems from well-known American authors.  I can create a book with your favorites as well.

Some people are intimidated by a completely blank book and would prefer to have some prompts for their journalling.  I have printed several journals with quotations from a wide variety of sources, but all chosen with the intent of stimulating further reflection.

One additional category of content book I have created is recovery journals.  These are books with content intended to guide one through some aspect of a 12-step recovery process.  Tenth and eleventh step reviews are popular.