How to make an original flyer in Word?

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Anne Murray

The flyers and leaflets are one of the most effective forms of advertising that exist today, being one of the oldest advertising techniques, which has evolved to adapt to changing times and continue to maintain its effectiveness.

Flyer comes from the English word " fly ", which means to fly. This is because in theirIn the beginning, they were small pieces of paper with advertising messages, about an eighth of an A4, which were launched from airplanes, for propaganda purposes, during the Second World War .

During the 40's, the technological development allowed the printing of this type of advertising elements , to which added the aviation, the different sides launched them tothe population in a quick, simple and very effective way.

At that time the flyer had two objectives : on the one hand they encouraged troops to maintain confidence in victory, and on the other they served to intimidate opposing sides with an image of strength and superiority.

Although their principal purpose was to capture the public's attention with concise, clear messages anddirect , and above all, to capture new recruits for both armies in the war.

Advertising flyers today

At present, although the world of marketing and advertising has advanced enormously in recent years, especially with the advent of new technologies, these original flyers continue to be a widely used and effective option,especially to promote the launch of a new product or service, the opening of a new store, promote an event, offers, etc.

The key to the success of these informational brochures is that they manage to convey a message with great effectiveness, in very little space, in a very simple and direct way. They attract the attention of the public quickly, as they generate agreat impact and are very easy to read.

In addition, the original flyer is shown as an option to advertise much cheaper than other alternatives, which makes it very demanded by those businesses or companies that do not have a high budget for advertising and marketing.

And here we are going to focus today, as we are going to tell you how to make a flyer.original in Word , yourself through your computer. This way you will have more freedom when creating advertising flyers , with an acceptable quality. If you prefer, you can also see on our website the flyer design prices .

How to design advertising flyers in Word?

To design an advertising flyer in Word , obviously.You will need a computer that has this program installed. This is no problem, since all of us who use the computer minimally, we are familiar with Word.

This said, then we will show you the steps to make flyers in Word free :

Choose a Word template on your computer

The first thing you should do is go to Word, open the tab.File and select new to open a blank document in which to design the original flyer . You will see that just below the search bar is the " More templates " tab.

Choose the most suitable flyer template

There is a brochure templates option, which is the one you should select, as you will be presented with a number of different templates.templates specifically designed for the design of flyers and advertising brochures . Choose the one you like best and best suits the message you want to convey. You can choose to download the template to your computer, or work on it online.

Modify the template for informative brochures

Once you have selected the template fororiginal brochures , you will have total freedom to modify it to your liking, being able to edit the text, typography, color, size, images...

If you want to use your own images downloaded to your computer, click with the right mouse button on the existing image in the template, and click on " change image ". A dialog box will appear, in which you will have toselect "from a file", so you can find the image on your computer and insert it into the brochure.

In case you want to change the color or any other design feature of the template, right-click inside the box you want to modify, and select the appropriate menu items to modify it.

And if you want to delete directly anyof the elements that appear by default in the template, you can do it by clicking on it and using the delete key.

Little by little you will be giving shape to your original flyer, being able to modify and make all kinds of tests on the flyer, until you get the expected result.

Save your flyer in PDF

Once you have finished, you can save it in PDF in your computer andWe recommend that you go to a specialised online printing company, as they have the resources, materials and technology necessary to guarantee the best results.

What requirements must Word brochures meet for printing?

For a flyer made in Word to be printable, it must meet a series of requirements .that allow printing and guarantee the best results:

File format

The format of the original flyer must be PDF , reduced to a single layer (Word has layers) and have all fonts embedded. In addition, it is important that they are stored in PDF Acrobat Standard.


To ensure quality printing, the

File format must be in PDF format. Minimum resolution of the flyer must be 300 Dpi (Pixels per inch).

File size

The size of the advertising flyer must have at least 3mm bleed on each side. This way we avoid that white edges may appear when cutting it.

In the case of texts, logos and images, they must be separated from this last measure 3mm towards the inside,to avoid the cutting area.


As you can see, making flyers in Word is easy if you know how, and through this tutorial you can make a simple flyer design . You can make all kinds of tests and combinations until you get the result you were looking for. Afterwards, you can send it to Marcaprint so we can print it , guaranteeing the best results.resolution quality.

In any case, we must remember that Word is a word processor that has a number of limitations for design, so if you are really looking for a flyer with an original and creative design, which meets all the requirements of your campaigns and offers you the best results, do not hesitate to contact our design team.

You will receive advice from professional designers with extensive experience in flyer design and printing and we will inform you of all the options available to you for printing, such as special papers, unique finishes and much more.

I am Anne Murray and I have been learning the craft of bookbinding since 2006. I have taken classes from several well-known paper and book artists and craftsmen and have also worked on my own to develop my skills. I like to think of my skill development in terms of the language of medieval crafts guilds: I have definitely moved beyond apprentice, but am still in the 'journeyman' stage. I expect one day soon to earn the title of master craftsman.