Marbling is a hydro-print process that has existed for more than a thousand years.  Pigment is floated on thickened water and manipulated into patterns.  Paper (treated with a mordant to make it “sticky” for the paint) is laid down and then picks up the print.  Each marbled piece is unique, although color palettes and basic patterns styles can be repeated. The four pictures below demonstrate the potential for transformation.

marbling process 1 marbling process 2

marbling process 3 marbling process 4

Here are a few of my favorites.  While it is not possible to capture all colors and combos on the website, the below examples are intended to demonstrate enough of my range to pique your interest.  If you are interested in a piece of marbling – whether to hang on a wall or to incorporate into a book – please contact me.  I will be glad to discuss color palette and styles with you.  I can then send photos of several created sheets for you to choose among.

cathedral windows sm Italian sisters sm

flame sm peacock sm

overmarble bullseye2 sm overmarble bullseye3 sm