custom bookbinding and unique papers

Once again I am later than I wanted to be with a newsletter...  Here I am including a love letter to the John Campbell Folk School, some fun pictures of dos-a-dos bindings - both intended for a Valentine's Day audience! - as well as the usual what's up...  In the interest of getting this out, I will send it and create a new one soon to tell you of new activities...

I know that I have shared with you all the fact that one of my absolute favorite places on earth is the John Campbell Folk School.  It was there I took my very first bookbinding class and there I will spend 7 weeks in 2019 with a

Happy New Year Greetings!
I was able to deliver all the repairs and new books I had promised by Christmas (albeit at 10am on Dec. 24 for the last one) - and was glad to give myself a bit of a holiday break.  I hope you celebrated with the people important to you and allowed yourself reflection time amidst festivities.

This month I want to let you know that I am participating in a wonderful artist fundraiser, that I

December Greetings!

I love looking at the holiday lights this time of year.  I am so grateful to those folks who take the time and effort to put up lighted displays, whether small or large.  As someone who eagerly anticipates the lengthening of days come the solstice, I greatly appreciate all the extra and colorful light.  What's your favorite thing at this time of year?  

In the past month I have been working on a number of custom binding projects and repairs.  Folks seem to be finding me in various ways- my website, word-of-mouth, and most recently, advertising signs on my car.  I do enjoy creating or returning functionality to something that gives pleasure for years to come.  And I have some new equipment in the studio to help me work more efficiently.  Read on and learn more of my activities this fall...  

Autumn Greetings!

I am fresh from having taught a weekend workshop (marbling and Coptic binding) in Southport, NC.  Those Coastal Calligraphers and the Carolina Lettering Arts Society certainly do know how to host an excellent event!  Many thanks to them all for a superb weekend.
Now I am preparing for little goblins showing up at my door and thinking ahead to a Thanksgiving gathering.  I hope you are enjoying the fall weather and preparing for both of the above as well.  Of course, I am also preparing for holiday orders,