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September Greetings!

This month I am teaching two workshops and exhibiting at a local festival.  It is a busy time for Anne's Books and Papers.  See below for details on one happy customer.

It is difficult to find a journal with more than a hundred or so pages.  Because I consistently fill up many pages, I go through journals at a steady and exhausting rate.  When I saw Anne's custom bookbinding at a craft fair, I couldn't help but ask if it would be possible for her to make me a larger book.  Expecting a no, I asked for an extremely custom, multiple hundreds of pages book.  Not only did Anne deliver me a 640 page book (amazing!), she used a special binding stitch that allows each page to open flat and, on top of that, the cover is beautiful hand made paper.  I have never seen any book like this and am extremely impressed.  Anne really came through for me on this custom journal that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else.  Once I fill these pages, I will definitely be back. I highly recommend Anne for all your custom book making.  Her books are beautiful, quality, and made to last.  She is a master of her art.  

Review written by Erica Lyons, August 2015
As I did with Erica, I take pleasure in creating the book that best fits your individual needs, whether it is a simple leather-covered sketchbook for a grandchild, a specially designed journal to meet your own requirements, or a cloth-covered book in the dos rapporte' binding. Should you wish to order a custom-bound book as a holiday gift, now is the time to get your order in.  I am creating books as fast as I can, but am starting to develop a waiting period of 2-4 weeks.

I have made a new friend this past month.  Betty Kjelson is an 87-year-young papermaker, pulp painter, printer, and otherwise artist extraordinaire who lives just north of Winston-Salem.  She helped build a beater about 40 years ago and has graciously allowed me to use it to beat my own cotton pulp for paper.  We definitely had some adventures getting it going - for instance, a brand new motor! - but it has allowed us to get to know one another and to share some friendly cups of tea, all in the name of commitment to art and craft.

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