custom bookbinding and unique papers

I regret that I will not be attending Chapel Hill's Festifall the first weekend in October.  Last year the festival was rained out and this year I chose to be a last minute substitute instructor at the John Campbell Folk School. I have looked forward to Festifall and hope that third time is the charm next year.  This past week I have been having tremendous fun with 6 students who came to the Folk School to learn "Action Bookbinding: Pop-up Books and Cards".  While this is not a style of bookbinding I do regularly, it has been great fun to share what I know and to watch the students take off with their own ideas.  We did flag books, 2 types of tunnel books, accordions, several varieties of pop-ups, origami books, and more!  Each student went home with 10-12 structures..

This weekend I will be demonstrating some aspects of bookbinding during the Folk School's Fall Festival - and, of course, enjoying the music and crafts there myself.  I will be staying at Campbell for an additional two weeks as I strive to improve my skills as a marbler.  I will be learning from Regina and Dan St. John of Chena River Marblers, As I have noted before, they have been specializing in marbling since well before I even considered trying my hand.  While clearly I have some skill, I am looking forward to improving!  I am planning that "between times" I will also have opportunity to create some new books to share in the next newsletter.

I have introduced marbling at 2 different venues in the past month.  My newest venue is the Chestnut Creek School of the Arts in Galax, VA.  The folks there gave me a warm welcome and have already asked for more.  I encourage any of my readers who are within range to check out this art school and what it offers. I will be returning there at the end of October for a bookbinding class.  I also conducted an exploratory session at the SECU Family House here in Winston-Salem, under the auspices of an arts & wellness grant with Sawtooth School for Visual Art.  There I encountered a mother-daughter pair who had explored marbling in a session a couple of months ago.  They had been headed out to the movies, but opted to create instead when they saw that marbling was offered!

I am excited about having taken possession of a new paper press.  My new friend, Mike, who loves a challenge that utilizes his hands, converted a relatively inexpensive shop press to one that will function to press wet stacks of paper so they will dry flatter and more consistently.  My primary purpose for making paper is for use as text block pages for those folks who want a very special, fully handcrafted book.  In order to have the right characteristics, I need the press. The inaugural run began with an old pair of jeans that were beaten for the pulp...

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