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Once again, I have let time get away from me - there are so many books and so little time!  (big grin!)
In this edition of my newsletter I talk about the Mt Mitchell Craft Fair, recent publications, and a heart-warming story of a paper beater that went from New Zealand to Tanzania!

I hope you will scroll all the way to the end and check out my calendar of events.  I am offering September workshops at Wilkes Art Gallery (a new-for-me venue) and Shelf-Life in Greensboro.  In October I am delighted to be offering workshops in the ArtConnections building in downtown, Winston-Salem.  I have a Wednesday evening series of bookbinding workshops and will also be offering a Saturday marbling class. Please plan to come play with me. 

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 I am freshly back from the Mt Mitchell Craft Fair in Burnsville, NC.  I could not have asked for better weather or organization!  It is a lovely venue and I am pleased to report that my work was well received.  It was fun to see some repeat customers, one of whom even showed me the journal her husband had previously bought from me. She had filled it with her own sketches and declared it to be the “best gift” she’d ever received.  I am humbled by such praise.

I was also honored by the fair organizers to have been awarded “Most Creative” work at the fair.  This honor earned me several general announcements throughout the second day and half-price registration for next year.  I will certainly be returning!

For those who don’t live in the mountains, I have three central North Carolina festivals coming up: National Folk Festival in Greensboro, Sept. 6-10; Day in the Park Festival in High Point, Sept. 16; and Festifall in Chapel Hill, Sunday, Oct 1.  I do hope those of you who are in the area will come see my new work and just say, “hi!”

                                               ArtConnections Lynge drawing

 The above picture of our gallery and store was drawn by Audrey Lynge, one of our ArtConnections cooperative members.

                                                           Fig. 6 name binding Chez  I am excited to announce that the newest issue of Bound & Lettered, a book and lettering arts publication by John Neal Bookseller, includes an article written by yours truly.  I wrote the article on “Long-Stitch Lettering” after creating 2 different gift books with the recipient’s name in the binding (one of which is shown above). I believe I have provided a good tutorial of my process for creating this style of book.  Do let me know once you try following the directions!  You can see a preview of the magazine and my article with this link:  

And ArtConnections, my cooperative in downtown Winston-Salem, is featured in the September issue of Forsyth Woman.  We've had opportunity to preview the article and layout - author Kristi Marion did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of what our group is about!

I subscribe to a listserve of papermakers.  I love getting ideas from these folks and feeling a part of the community.
Mark Lander, a New Zealand papermaker and creator of The Critter, a portable Hollander-style beater, recently wrote a post about having been filmed for a UK documentary on a particular project.  The project involved getting a Critter to Tanzania so that disabled people there can create more crafts and have worthwhile work.  Here are two quotes from Mark to give a flavor of him:

      "so all of us papermakers are about to get exposure to a worldwide audience!! Of all the millions of parcels and stories how did we get on there? The chances are billions to one! It’s because papermaking is so interesting and fearsomely awesome!"

       "the manager comes out one day and points to me and says...'You there, we've been looking for you...wanna be on TV??? ' "Ummm Ummm I'm painfully shy, but ok, only if I can send a Hollander to Neema Crafts in Tanzania and if you pay the freight." ( I sent them a Critter 10 years ago and they have gone from three deaf men to over 100 people... they need another machine) You know when you do something and you feel a flood of warmth, like fuzzy sunshine on the inside... yes!!!!!"

Anyhow, I was very impressed by this group called Neema Crafts and want to bring it to your attention as well... (click on the graphic below to start a video).

                                               Video link for Neema Craft

The paper pulper mentioned early in the virtual tour of Neema Crafts is a Mark Lander 'Critter'.  I love the idea that this man in New Zealand utilized his opportunity to be documented to send another Hollander beater to Tanzania!

Anne Murray
Bookbinder and Papermaker

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