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Happy New Year!

Whether we make actual resolutions or not, January is definitely a time to consider goals for ourselves and the possibility of changes for the better...  With this month's newsletter I wish to celebrate the third birthday of Anne's Books and Papers and also to consider some of my own goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.  Read on to learn a little of the elevated status of reading and writing, new venues for teaching book arts, old book styles revisited, and a few more tidbits.

Holiday Greetings!

As this month's newsletter "goes to press" I am enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday in Montana with family.  Definitely colder than my home in North Carolina - also quieter and closer to Mother Nature.  It has been a good visit.

My topics this month include holiday venues at which my work can be viewed, updates to my website, upcoming classes scheduled, new creations, and a gift certificate discount.

Autumn has arrived in North Carolina - the nights are cool, the maples are bright yellow, and there are more options for participating in holiday sales venues than I can possibly do.  As Thanksgiving nears, I am filled with gratitude for my art, my choices of livelihood, and the people who continue to support me.

In this newsletter I will talk further about marbling, recent book creations, and opportunities for you to learn or observe the activities that bring me joy.

Last month I told you I was would be spending two weeks at the John Campbell Folk School improving my skills and knowledge about marbling.  I am now a major fan of Regina and Dan St. John of Chena River Marblers - they are truly master marblers extraordinaire!

I regret that I will not be attending Chapel Hill's Festifall the first weekend in October.  Last year the festival was rained out and this year I chose to be a last minute substitute instructor at the John Campbell Folk School. I have looked forward to Festifall and hope that third time is the charm next year.  This past week I have been having tremendous fun with 6 students who came to the Folk School to learn "Action Bookbinding: Pop-up Books and Cards".  While this is not a style of bookbinding I do regularly, it has been great fun to share what I know and to watch the students take off with their own ideas.  We did flag books, 2 types of tunnel books, accordions, several varieties of pop-ups, origami books, and more!  Each student went home with 10-12 structures..