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Fall Greetings!

September was an exciting and busy month teaching two workshops - in marbling and bookbinding - and exhibiting at the West End ArtsFest, where I was honored with an Award of Merit.  See below for details.


I had a fabulous time teaching Basic and Advanced Marbling this past month.  The fine fall weather allowed us to work - and keep the mess - outside, where papers dried on the line. The workshop was well attended and we all created many sheets of stunning paper which will be used for bookbinding, collage, and other art/craft projects. I also had a good group of folks for the Secret Belgian Binding workshop. Everyone went home with a beautiful book.

September Greetings!

This month I am teaching two workshops and exhibiting at a local festival.  It is a busy time for Anne's Books and Papers.  See below for details on one happy customer.

It is difficult to find a journal with more than a hundred or so pages.  Because I consistently fill up many pages, I go through journals at a steady and exhausting rate.  When I saw Anne's custom bookbinding at a craft fair, I couldn't help but ask if it would be possible for her to make me a larger book.  Expecting a no, I asked for an extremely custom, multiple hundreds of pages book.  Not only did Anne deliver me a 640 page book (amazing!), she used a special binding stitch that allows each page to open flat and, on top of that, the cover is beautiful hand made paper.  I have never seen any book like this and am extremely impressed.  Anne really came through for me on this custom journal that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else.  Once I fill these pages, I will definitely be back. I highly recommend Anne for all your custom book making.  Her books are beautiful, quality, and made to last.  She is a master of her art.  

Review written by Erica Lyons, August 2015
As I did with Erica, I take pleasure in creating the book that best fits your individual needs, whether it is a simple leather-covered sketchbook for a grandchild, a specially designed journal to meet your own requirements, or a cloth-covered book in the dos rapporte' binding. Should you wish to order a custom-bound book as a holiday gift, now is the time to get your order in.  I am creating books as fast as I can, but am starting to develop a waiting period of 2-4 weeks.

I have made a new friend this past month.  Betty Kjelson is an 87-year-young papermaker, pulp painter, printer, and otherwise artist extraordinaire who lives just north of Winston-Salem.  She helped build a beater about 40 years ago and has graciously allowed me to use it to beat my own cotton pulp for paper.  We definitely had some adventures getting it going - for instance, a brand new motor! - but it has allowed us to get to know one another and to share some friendly cups of tea, all in the name of commitment to art and craft.

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August Greetings

"Thank you soooo much for taking the time to help me keep a very precious item alive."

That's what Tonya said when she received her newly refurbished bible.  I had repaired pages, inserted new headbands and marker ribbons, and replaced the leather cover (my ability to pare leather definitely benefited from the additional practice!).  Please let me know if you have a favorite book in need of repair.  I assure you I will treat it with the loving care it deserves.

July greetings!  I hope you had a most pleasant Independence Day celebration.  There is much to celebrate!  I am celebrating summer, good friends, and several recent and upcoming activities that I would like to share with you...

I taught a wonderful workshop on book repair last month.  Folks brought in their treasured, so-well-loved-they-were-falling-apart books and together we worked on repairing torn pages, unattached spines and other difficulties.  Here are the words of one of my participants:

“Dear Anne, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed and profited from your class.  I learned so much and, although I have so much more to learn, I was able to repair a book that is very important to us.  The dictionary has been in use since Saturday and is performing beautifully!  Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and skill.  You are a true artist!  Carol.”

Should you be interested, there is another repair workshop scheduled for August.  I can accommodate no more than 4 participants in this class.

With several festivals scheduled for summer and fall, I have been increasing my creation of new books. Pictured are some recent additions: longstitch binding and a variation on the Romanesque binding, all with leather covers.  These small (4.5" x 6") books are filled with a nice quality drawing paper and would function well as sketch books.

longstitch collection July 15 sm

I recently completed binding a Memorial book to honor the life of a lovely lady who died a few months shy of her 90th birthday.  It was a labor of love to have created this book in the first place, but what made it of special value is that the unbound pages were available to guests so that most wrote more than their names.  They wrote memories, shared activities, messages of love...  As I bound together these pages I knew the book would be a treasure for the family for many years to come.  Instead of the traditional guest book at your next special occasion - whether you are marking a new beginning or saying good-bye - consider a hand-bound book, sewn together after folks have written their contributions.

Below I am demonstrating a Coptic stitch bound blank book with a re-purposed cover.  Unfortunately some books get to a point where no one wants them for reading.  I enjoy helping them find new life as journals, sketch books, or to-do lists.  I liked the artwork on this cover


coptic fishing repurposed cover sm