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Summer Greetings!

The astute among my regular readers will notice there was no June newsletter.  Time flies when I am busy and having fun!  In this edition I will catch you up on some of my activities and provide notice of upcoming events.  Foremost on my mind is the grand opening of ArtConnections, my gallery/studio/store in the Winston-Salem arts district. Also important are teaching venues past and present - including some completely new offerings! Last, but not

May Greetings!

I celebrated my 64th birthday on May 6.  I love feeling young by doing activities I love and sharing them with others.  I am excited this month to be telling you about the excellent papermaking workshop held last month, my trip to New York City, approaches to celebrating people and preserving family memories, and an update on ArtConnections, the newly formed artists' cooperative of which I am 25%.  Surely there is something for everyone this month... 

The birds are singing; flowers and trees are blooming!  It is a good time for an Open Studio - to demonstrate what I do and a little of how I do it, an exhibit on Art-O-Mat, and reflections on both past and future creative endeavors.  I invite you to read on and learn more!

OPEN STUDIO - Sunday, April 9, 2017, 1 - 5 pm

Come visit my studio and learn what goes into creating a book - from making paper for the text block, to marbling papers for accent or a cover, to designing/preparing a cover, to the final step of

The daffodils, lilies-of-the-valley, and tulip magnolia in my front yard are all in full bloom - spring has arrived early to North Carolina!  In this newsletter I am honoring the Romanian celebration of March 1, while inviting everyone to my spring open studio, sharing my recent creative activities, and celebrating new venues for art.  Come explore with me!

The following is excerpted from a blog I kept while living in Romania from Sept 2012 to July 2013.  You can find the full blog