Ring bindings, a simple and quick technique

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Anne Murray

Nowadays, more and more enthusiasts are deciding to do their own bookbinding, as a craft, without having to leave their own home. Obviously, the material constraints of a domestic space do not allow all types of binding, for example, a binding using PUR technology. Among those that are available, one of the most important ones is the bookbinding of books.of the quickest and easiest to perform is the so-called ring binding .

We will now take a review of the history, basic characteristics and results offered by this binding procedure .

First of all, a small historical distinction must be made. What place does ring binding occupy in relation to the whole range ofbookbinding as a discipline? It can be placed, mainly, in the block of the so-called modern or industrial bookbinding, that is to say, the one that was developed during the 19th century. In this period, such technological advances took place that book publishing became cheaper, massified and systematized, and with it, the production of bookbindings. Before this period, the production of abook was slow, handcrafted and costly, hence they had much more value as objects of worship.

The ring bindings belong to modern or industrial binding for three reasons .The first, because of its historical origin, throughout the 20th century.The second, because of the way it is produced, fast and cheap.The third, because of the industrial materials involved in theirproduction, the rings.

What is scrapbooking?

It is a practice that consists of binding books on your own , at home and without too much technology. This phenomenon began to become popular in the present decade of the 21st century and has substantially changed the way of conceiving bookbinding. It is no longer a purely functional process, with a purpose to bind books

, at home and without too much technology.For this reason, this practice has altered the original characteristics of many bindings.

The problem is that the binding with rings through scrapbooking , a lot of quality is lost, so if you are looking for a professional result, it is best to hire the services of a professional binding company.binding.

How to bind with rings?

Although the process is straightforward, it is best to use a professional bookbinding company . All the sheets of the document are put together and punched along the spine. Then, the same is done for the front and back covers. Finally, they are simply bound together.The most difficult step is the drilling of holes .

The holes must be thick enough for the rings or the desired replacement element to pass through.

.In the case of rings, it is quickest and best to drill the holes with a fine drill bit of suitable gauge.

If you want to thread a ribbon through, you couldThe main elements of the ring bindery

We recommend, for example, the customization of the cover and back cover. The possibilities are countless, so it will not be too difficult to find an option that fits with what you are looking for in a ring binder.The metal rings are simply a neutral component on a compositional level.

Also, once the binding is done, all kinds of decorations, such as stencils, can be added to the cover.

I am Anne Murray and I have been learning the craft of bookbinding since 2006. I have taken classes from several well-known paper and book artists and craftsmen and have also worked on my own to develop my skills. I like to think of my skill development in terms of the language of medieval crafts guilds: I have definitely moved beyond apprentice, but am still in the 'journeyman' stage. I expect one day soon to earn the title of master craftsman.