Size of a business card or business card: Standard measurements

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Anne Murray

Business cards have always had a great importance in the business world, being shown as the best letter of introduction to any type of customer, to the point of becoming an indispensable element for any professional.

Although everything will depend on the size of a business card and its design, they usually include the main data of the company and its of a company or a professional, giving themselves to possible future customers, accessing them in a direct way, providing useful information that will increase the chances of hiring services.

In the past both the size of the business cards and the design had to meet a number of requirements, but today this has changed, as the possibilities for the design of the business cards are much greater than in the past.The possibilities when creating a business card are innumerable, being able to create really innovative cards adapted to the new times.

Also, in the past it was a complicated process that nowadays has been greatly simplified thanks to online printers, being able to have business cards that allow us to reach our customers in just 48 hours.

Aware of theirimportance, from Marcaprint we wanted to make a post in which we will talk about the business card size , which is one of the main questions that arise to our customers who are interested in getting some business cards.

Business card size: what is the most suitable for you?

There is no business card size

.business cards perfect, as everything will vary depending on the type of business, the impact you want to achieve, the design you have in mind, etc. There are many sizes, and also in Marcaprint we offer our customers the opportunity to choose a custom size, depending on your needs.

The aspects to consider when choosing the business card size .are many, and so below we are going to go over the different sizes that exist, based on the standard measurements.

Standard size of business cards

The standard size of business cards in our country is 8.5 x 5.5 centimetres, which is the size of the DNI or any conventional credit or debit card.

Generally, in this type of business card, the size of the card is 8.5 x 5.5 centimetres, which is the size of the DNI or any conventional credit or debit card.

The standard size of the business card in our country is 8.5 x 5.5 centimetres.size is usual to leave 3 millimeters of margin to avoid any kind of problem that could arise during printing, especially in cards that do not have a blank background.

The main advantage offered by this business card size is that they can be stored comfortably in any wallet that has a card holder, which makes it much easier to spread them.In addition, as they do not have too much space, they are very direct and intuitive for customers.

Another business card size that is also widely used, and which was previously shown as the standard size, is 9 x 5 centimetres, whose only drawback is that they do not fit in all wallets or cardholders.

That said, the standard size of a business card is 9 x 5 centimetres, whose only drawback is that they do not fit in all wallets or cardholders.

That said, the standard size of a business card is 9 x 5 centimetres, which is the size of a business card is by no means an official size, but it is the most popular and in demand.

Double business cards

Double business cards

Double business cards, which have a total size of 17 x 5.5 centimetres when open, but become a business card with a size of 1,5 centimetre , have also become very fashionable in recent times.standard business cards when closed.

The main advantage of double business cards over standard business cards is that they take up the same amount of space, which means they can be easily stored in a wallet or card holder, but they also have a larger surface area to create a more original and innovative design and, therefore, to insert a greater amount of cards that can be useful for customers.

Also take into account the innovative touch they offer, which could be a decisive factor in generating customer impact.

Business cards with custom sizes

Once we know that the standard size of a business card is 8.5 x 5.5 centimetres, as well as that business cards can be used in a variety of ways, it is important to consider that the size of a business card

is 8.5 x 5.5 centimetres.double business cards are increasingly demanded by the different advantages they offer, we must also say that the size of a business card is fully customizable, being able to adapt it to your needs and the idea you had in mind.

From Marcaprint we offer you the opportunity to be yourself the one who decides what is the perfect size for your business card ,becoming a designer for a day, transferring us the idea you have in mind for us to carry it out.

Beyond choosing the right size, we also offer you the opportunity to choose yourself every detail of the business card, or if you prefer, use one of the different business card design templates we have available.

You will have at your disposala card tailored to your needs, you can choose whether you want the card to be laminated or not. Also, if you want to increase the quality of your card, you can choose a 300 grams paper with the selective varnish option on one side without lamination, or a 350 grams paper also with the selective varnish option, and with lamination.

If you want a custom card size ,you only have to contact us and we will prepare you a personalized budget without any type of commitment. You can call us at 964 199 961, or send us an email to [email protected]

Main advantages of business cards

Despite being a classic and very traditional resource, no matter how many advances new technologies have brought, it is still a very important element in our business cards.The truth is that a business card continues to be an indispensable element that remains at the bottom of the barrel, and that offers multiple advantages:

  • They are very effective letters of introduction, offering all the contact details that a future client may need.
  • The multiple customisation options they offer mean that no two cards are the same, being able to
  • It is the best element to make yourself known at networking events, conferences, meetings, first contact with potential clients, etc.
  • They are really effective when it comes to attracting new clients, generating a good impression and being very useful and comfortable.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the importance ofthat the design of a business card has, because if it does not transmit a suitable image, it could have a negative impact and turn away potential customers, ending with all the advantages they offer.


At Marcaprint we work with all standard business card sizes , and we also offer you the opportunity to customize your business card yourself.You can choose the most suitable size and the design you like the most, and you will receive your cards at your home, within the established delivery time.

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