The ABC's of spiral binding that you need to know

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Anne Murray

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Among all the techniques, spiral binding combines all the ingredients that define a quality job: careful conservation, presentation and handling of the bound document.

These advantages make ring binding the ideal choice for binding your books, magazines or catalogues. Stay tuned because we give you the keys to the binding process .spiral binding.

What exactly is spiral binding?

From its birth in Ancient Rome to the present day, many types of binding have been developed: paperback binding, hardback binding, spiral binding, leather binding... Nowadays, there is a very wide range of possibilities among which, if you do not countwith enough information, it is difficult to choose.

Spiral binding or ring binding is that method of binding consisting of placing the sheets in blocks, making a row of holes on the spine side and passing a wire or plastic spiral through those holes.

How to spiral bind with an excellent result?


Spiral binding is a method of binding that consists of placing the sheets in blocks, making a row of holes on the spine side and passing a wire or plastic spiral through those holes.

How to spiral bind with an excellent result?The procedure to follow for spiral binding has several key points, which will make the process easy to understand:

Step 1 - Forming blocks of sheets

The first step to take into account in order to know in depth how to spiral bind is the placement of the sheets to be bound in blocks.

That is, the set of sheets to be bound togethermust form an orderly, identical and well-placed block , with all the elements having the same measurements, forming a kind of regular block.

In this task, it will be very useful to use a leaf cutter, which will help to equalize measurements.

Step 2 - Making holes

Once the block is formed, all the leaves will be pierced at the same time , by means ofthe use of a punching machine, which carries out all the holes that will go on each page at the same time.

These punching machines will have standardized sizes , as well as different possibilities, with rectangular, circular or square eggs.

Step 3 - Placing the spiral

The spiral is the essential part of the binding process, since it is the

It should be noted that a spiral of different materials , such as wire or plastic, can be used.

In addition, depending on the number of sheets to be bound, the spiral diameter should be larger, to ensure reader comfort.

Advantages of spiral binding: fast, practical and economical

With theThe above information is enough to know in depth what spiral binding is all about, but what are its real advantages?


With the development of technology, nowadays, the spiral binding industry has advanced punching machines, which even allow you to enter data such as the amount ofThe machine is able to make the holes quickly and automatically, reaching a high execution rate that will allow, in a few days, the banding of a large number of documents.


As mentioned at the beginning, the comfort and functionality for the user must be an element of the machine.essential when assessing the type of binding to be made.

In this sense, the spiral binding technique enjoys characteristics that make it the favourite option.

The possibility of the sheets running through 360 degrees of the circumference, its durability or the fluidity in the passage of the pages are attractive features that make the binding the best choice.spiral binding in the preferred option in many cases.


Given the advanced technology in making the holes and placing the banding, as well as the low price of the materials to be used (plastic or wire), the price range for this kind of service is very low.

The investment to be made will not be high in any case and, with thespeed and durability of the banding offered in this online binding work, it can be considered that spiral binding is a highly economical process.

Spiral binding, the best option?

As a conclusion, it can be assessed whether or not spiral binding is the best option among all those offered by the market for this type of.It has been said that convenience and economy are the strong points of banding, in addition to its simplicity and functionality.

Thus, if you are looking for a flexible, simple, economical and durable product , spiral binding will be a preferable option.

I am Anne Murray and I have been learning the craft of bookbinding since 2006. I have taken classes from several well-known paper and book artists and craftsmen and have also worked on my own to develop my skills. I like to think of my skill development in terms of the language of medieval crafts guilds: I have definitely moved beyond apprentice, but am still in the 'journeyman' stage. I expect one day soon to earn the title of master craftsman.